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Email designs

I was a production designer on this series of 6 emails that went out to different audiences. Each one had different images or layouts, and all were set up in Salesforce Content Builder. This one went out to smokers. The header image is an animated gif that I created. 


This email was part of a larger campaign that I art directed and produced. Blue Shield got a special deal with Sun Basket that allowed our Trio members to get 2 weeks of Sun Basket deliveries at no cost. Other components to the campaign were a tabletop sign and flyer for Open Enrollment events, a feature box on their microsite, and some images for social medial. Click here to see the full concept deck.


Blue Shield holds a yearly road show for their brokers. This was the invitation to the 2021 event. We used computer icons to imply that the event was going to be virtual.

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