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Conceptual - Art Direction

This was a card that got inserted into a Medicare mailing with the overall goal to improve our CAHPS (patient survey) scores. Included in the kit were masks and branded sanitizers. 3 concepts were presented, this was the chosen one.


It was discovered that a group of members in Southern California were still going to the Emergency Room rather than their local Urgent Care Centers. This campaign was to make an easy reminder to use the right facility for the right health needs. The stakeholder chose this blue bubble wrap mailer which included a reference card, a magnet with blanks to write in the urgent care center's info along with a branded sharpie.


This project really touched a soft spot. The request was to source a teddy bear to send to our members that were children admitted to the hospital. I worked closely with our vendor to find the perfect bear, brand its t-shirt, and design a box for it to be packaged in that felt special. There was also a card that was personally signed by the care administrator.

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